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Why do I need to stage my home to sell it?

Staging and Decorating are different!  Decorating involves personal touch to reflect your taste and style.  This is not always what the potential buyers want or need to see in your home.  Decorating with personal photos or awards draws the attention to you and away from your house.  You want potential buyers to focus on your house and have a vision of it as their house.  Staging involves neutralizing or depersonalizing your home so that potential buyers see themselves living there.  Your home goes from a home to a product for sale competing on the market against others.  Your home needs to be marketed just as any other product for sale.  You would not sell your car without detailing it, so why would you try to sell one of your biggest assets, your home, without staging it?  You deserve to get the most money for your house and staging will help.

Some Facts about Staging your Home.

Staged homes sell for 7% more and in 1/2 the time!  In fact 95% of staged homes sell in 37 days or less.  That is big money when you consider the average home is over $500,000.  Staging is a small investment compared to additional cost to hold your home longer or even a price reduction.   In today's tough real estate market staging is no longer a luxury, its a necessity!  Don't let your home be just another house on the market, separate it from all the others by staging it.

Should I wait to see if my house sells before I stage it?

 No!!!  The best time to stage is before you list your home on the market.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Many times agents or brokers will preview new homes only once when they are listed on the market.  If they do not see potential for their buyers during the preview, you have lost that first impression. 

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